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Theo is here to replace your coffee. This superfood blend is designed to boost your mood, energy & focus. With just 2mg of Caffeine, it avoids the sleep issues, anxiety & crashes that are common with coffee-drinkers.

Cacao                           Chaga
Hazelnut                      Lion's Mane
Panax Ginseng            Cinnamon
Cordyceps                    Rose Salt
(And nothing else...)


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What is Theo?

Theo is a blend of cacao, hazelnuts, adaptogens & mushrooms, designed to give you a potent energy boost with just 2mg of Caffeine per serving.

Made from 100% natural superfoods, lauded across the world for their medicinal & performance benefits. It has anti-inflammatory , anti-oxidant & adaptogenic qualities, all wrapped up into a delicious Hazelnut Mocha hot drink.

Theo is for the people who know they deserve better than coffee. The hyper-activity that coffee brings is not worth the sleep trouble, mood swings, jitters digestive problems & anxiety (need we go on?) that come with high doses of caffeine.

Common Side Effects of Coffee

Take a deep dive

Take one tablespoon (6g) of Theo and drop it into your favourite mug. Smother it in near-boiling water and stir well with a spoon or electric frother. All that is left to do is enjoy the warming & rich taste.

Enjoy it black, or add our coconut creamer and sweetener for added deliciousness. Some people add honey or their favourite plant-based milk. Others enjoy it as a cold brew. There's a million ways to enjoy Theo.

100% Natural Ingredients. No added sweeteners or fillers


Mushrooms & Adaptogens

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Why I Made Theo

"I needed the energy boost. I was struggling to balance to keep up with my university studies with the chronic illness I had developed several years earlier.

However, coffee just was not working. All it gave me was an anxious rush of energy that ended with a deep crash. It also ruined my sleep, so I'd wake up the next day miserable and needed even more coffee just to feel normal.

I needed something different. A delicious hot drink that would actually improve my natural energy levels, in a smooth and healthy way.

So I made Theo. A blend of cacao, hazelnuts, adaptogens & mushrooms that not only tasted amazing, but gave me a natural energy boost that was not overstimulating like Caffeine."

Our Story

"Lighter, Healthier, Happier"

More energy, less caffeine


"Lighter, Healthier & Happier"

More energy, less caffeine

11 reviews

✔ Smooth lift to your energy, mood & focus
✔ Just 2mg of Caffeine per serving
✔ Made from nutrient-dense superfoods

30 Servings (180g) | Just 79p per mug



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 Natural Product

   Dual-Extracted Mushrooms

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Does Theo contain Caffeine?

Just 2mg per serving. Cacao naturally contains small amounts of Caffeine, as well as Theobroma, which gives a much smoother and milder energy boost than coffee. 

Can Theo Brew really replace my morning coffee?

Absolutely. Theo is a rich hazelnut mocha hot drink you can enjoy every morning. It's packed with nutrient-dense superfoods to give a healthy lift to your mood, energy & focus, without the anxiety, jitters and sleep troubles often associated with coffee.

How easy is Theo Brew to make?

Takes less than one minute. Take one heaping tablespoon of Theo and drop it into your favourite mug. Cover it in some hot water. Stir well and we’re ready to go! Add our creamer & sweetener for extra deliciousness.

Is Theo completely safe to drink?

Our ingredients are 100% natural and well tolerated at high doses. Pregnant and nursing women should consult with their doctor before purchasing.

 Is Theo Brew ethically and organically sourced?

Yes. We pride ourselves on only using organic, natural ingredients that have been ethically sourced. We also ensure the highest quality of our ingredients. For example, our mushrooms are dual extracted for added potency. 

Are there any sugars or additives in it?

We add no sugar, sweeteners or fillers to Theo whatsoever. We only use our 100% natural superfoods. Feel free to add you your favourite sweetener or plant-based milk to your preference. 

How fast can you get my Theo to me?

UK orders are fulfilled within 3-6 business days. Please contact us if you have an issue with your order.

Do you offer samples?

We do not at this time. Theo uses only the highest quality ingredients and is expensive to produce. We believe you will not regret ordering it for yourself.